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plus adventure

the BNHA RPG project! fantasy AU feat. dungeon crawling , turn-based battle, and visual-novel style story. CH 1 FINAL RELEASE!



it's a community effort! read up on our process & keep up on our progress on our tumblr, or even better, join us on discord to get involved! to the people who made this possible, i cannot thank you enough!

HOW TO PLAY: use arrow keys to move, click on things to interact, walk around to switch locations! a few secret commands we use for debugging are: press p to save. press o to load from last save. press i to restart the game. press h while outside of battle and dialogue to heal your party. press q to open inventory. press e to escape inventory.

NOTE TO MAC USERS: if it says you can't play because you've downloaded this from the internet, go to your security settings and say open anyway.

right now we are in the process of getting all assets done, and replacing the old UI with a prettier one! also treasure chests, items, costumes, etc. we are aiming to release on halloween! hopefully we can finish chapter 1 by that time, and we can begin the next chapter, and new projects!

finally, i want to thank all the people who have joined us on discord! even if you just lurk around and watch out progress, it really means a lot to us.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorMelissa Ran
Tags3D, Dungeon Crawler, Fangame, Fantasy, Procedural Generation, Turn-based


plusAdventureCH1FIN.zip 58 MB
plusAdventureCH1FIN.app.zip 64 MB

Install instructions

NOTE TO MAC USERS: if it says you can't play because you've downloaded this from the internet, go to your security settings and say open anyway.

NOTE TO EVERYONE: when you open the game, make sure to check "windowed" so the game doesn't get stretched, fullscreened and unescapable. also read HOW TO PLAY for a few helpful hints! the controls are not final yet.


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Is this still being worked on?

Do I have to download another app to play the game? Cause I can't even play


Uhh...  I was able to go through the entire game without talking to anyone, except that it froze at the end(which is where I assume a cutscene would have started). Also, I couldn't figure out how to talk to Ochako. :( I clicked on her but it just said the default "This is what I say when I don't have anything else to say" stuff. It won't work for some reason. I also clicked on the carriage, but nothing happened. *shrug*

I love it!

It is super cute, and really fun. Amaziiiing👌

Super cute and fun game! I didn't read the controls before hand and accidently restarted the game when I  went to check my inventory but definitly looking forward to more! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I LOVE IT. It Has My Fav. Boi Deku