A downloadable thing for Windows and macOS

WIP game framework for Plus Adventure, a collaborative BNHA fangame! check it out here!

what is this monstrosity? it's a game in which you makes games! eventually, it will use a listening/broadcasting system,  story/logic trees to handle states, and Sequences of Playables to handles things like cutscenes. also, you will be able to import your own assets! awesome.

FEATURES IMPLEMENTED IN TEST1 (the current version)

  • all the GameSparks fun! this lets users make an account, and share their creations with other users, as well was collaborate on a project!
  • landscape editing, saving, and collaborating! you build it minecraft-style in volPainter, and see it colorful and rounded in sceneView!

FEATURES TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE PROJECT (meaning it's implemented in an experimental project, not this version yet!)

  • more scene customization, as well as object editing, and procedural building building! (building a building.) also sprites, for a mixed 3d-2d look!
  • listening and broadcasting behavior! you can set objects to listen to broadcasts, and react accordingly with a Sequence!
  • all the fun Sequence things like Dialogue, path behavior, anything you might need to react to a broadcast.
  • using you own images for sprites and texture, and sharing them with other users who play your game!
  • "Story" trees/mixers. (my explanation muscles are weakening.)


  • *sobbing* user interface...
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMelissa Ran
Tags3D, artgame, City Builder, Generator, Procedural Generation


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